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This is a Mandatory car insurance Facts known to

Increasingly high rates of welfare society of Indonesia, particularly in urban areas, creating demand for purchases and car insurance are also increasing.

No misinterpreting that the car is one of the vehicles the dream of many people. This makes the car into a vehicle that is very valuable and should be kept well. The prices are pretty expensive, certainly made everyone didn’t want bad things to happen on the car.

Therefore, it is very important to have vehicle insurance on a new car. Unfortunately, not many people know the benefits of the new car insurance. This is due to the lack of information about the benefits of insurance on a new car that you have.

This is a Mandatory car insurance Facts known to

Sometimes the moment has obtained insurance new car insurance, are offered by insurance companies that are already working with the auto companies. So car owners do not understand very well the advantages and benefits of insurance they have.

Not least that let the car companies or leasing cars to choose which insurance company will be in charge of their cars. In fact, it is extremely important to understand carefully the insurance for your new car will be used.

According to the Business Manager as Kennadi, if someone has a car insurance, then he will get some benefits. The submission of any insurance is now easier because it can be done online.

The first benefits of car insurance of course to minimize the loss of car owners. For example, if an accident that causes damage to light or heavy, the car is stolen, lost due to natural disasters, and much more. When using this type of all risk insurance, it will provide protection thoroughly on the car.

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Some insurance providers all risk, such as car insurance ACA, Garda Oto, nor Simasnet. “One of the greatest benefits of the insurance owner i.e., its status as the insured. With this status, the financial position of the insurance of the owner can come back in the event of a loss, “he said.

The next benefit i.e. owners insurance could be quieter because it has a guarantee in case of accident or other disaster on the car. Have the same insurance risk by diverting car owners on insurance companies that have been selected.

“By paying the premiums to the insurance company, the owner of the car can mentransferkan the risk of car warranty protection matter to the insurance company of its choice,” he explained.

All risk and TLO

There are two kinds of insurance that can be selected by the owner of a new car; All risk insurance or comprehensive and TLO. For all risk insurance or comprehensive this, the company will pay claims for any kind of damage, ranging from light damage, heavily damaged, and lost.

Example case, cars, public transport by terserempet damage is minor, which makes the car less comfortable to be seen. In this case, the claim can be made when the insurance owned is comprehensive insurance.

As for insurance Total Lost Only (TLO), only guarantees the risk due to theft and damage if the cost of repairs is estimated to be equal to or exceed 75 percent of the price of the vehicle shortly before the loss. The Total insurance Lost Only (TLO) was chosen because of the price premium is relatively cheaper than the all risk insurance. With the cost of premiums are low, you can divert the funds available for other needs such as vehicle maintenance costs.

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Basically, insurance, frees you from extra charges must be issued when there is damage to the car. Imagine if you have no insurance, when the car gets damaged, you have to spend personal funds to replace spare parts.

Car insurance is not only useful for owners of insurance and car drivers only. There is also the option of coverage that can be to cover other riders car damage due to Your negligence, so you don’t need to panic and dizziness due to the damage shall be reimbursed by the insurance loss.

Increased Vehicle Insurance

Earlier in the year 2018 become a pretty sweet period for the business vehicle insurance. How not, diraup insurance company premiums from business lines increased quite significantly.

General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI) noted, during the first quarter of this year a premium of vehicle insurance business lines reached Rp 4.79 trillion. This amount increased by 16.9 percent from the same period last year which reached Rp 4.1 trillion.


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